[Commission open] Full scratch model for Humanoid/Eboy/Egirl/furry/robot or editing avatar

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Hello, I’m potato_magician and been around vrchat since november of 2017.
Verified VRC-Trader as avatar creator/rigger
I will do everything in my ability to satisfy you as customer always come first.


I offer full scratch commission which includes

  • Full body Tracking

  • Finger tracking

  • Optimisation

  • Shapekey /Visemes/Facial expression

  • Custom toggle animations

  • Texturing/photoshop

  • Rigging

  • Dynamic bones

  • Fixing/sculpting broken mesh/vertex

  • Charcter/ asset in unity package

I also offer editing existing model/avatar which also including everything above ^

Currently customer queued: 2/ 10 [Frequently updated]
commission started on november 12 2021/ completed count: 29
join my discord server to verify my completions, customer names are listed

A further delay may occur when there is a huge line-up.

From scratch starting price is 300$ USD
Editing avatar starting price is 80$

Payment are done through paypal.

Contact info: Magic


Or my direct discord: Potato_Magician#3619

Finished avatar from scratch

click this for more in artstation: https://www.artstation.com/potato_magician

click this for imgur: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Before tonight I was pretty new to commissioning avatars, I hadn’t spent more than 10 minutes checking out the rules of engagement (How to ask for a commission politely) and then another 10 minutes after posting said commission Potato_Magician reached out and said I could have this by the end of the night (It took about two hours total) if I wasn’t going to squirrel around with the payment. We stuck to our respective words and exchanged exactly what was agreed upon with plenty of little additions he was very willing to apply on the fly. I was very appreciative of the patience he had for the job.

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Potato_Magician has done a great job fixing one of my avatar that was missing blendshapes. After I sent them the model and references, they kept me updated on the process and less than an hour later, the job was completed. I was impressed by the quality of the result and ended up giving them a tip. This person obviously knows what they’re doing and you wont go wrong if you commission them.

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Not too bad to bump my own thread? here’s some recent creations and rigging fixes

from a mess:

to this:

along with this guy completely from scratch?

Screen capture - 7e611d0b530dd74c28ec9309e22050a6 - Gyazo

Screen capture - 676e5a855c9b8c66a368fdcdb517b6bf - Gyazo <----

not too impressive, ya think?, but you don’t know what I can do unless you commission me :^)

Came here with an idea and this man was able to take it and make it into exactly what i was looking for. Very easy to work with, always able to make quick adjustments if asked to do so. He has the skill to bring your ideas to fruition and i have been more then happy with the result. i will be coming back for addons for sure. i recommend him highly. great guy.

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using substance painter on a sword I created from blender.

recently verified more roles in vrc.trader and verified roles in msage’s server!

msage’s server: SAGE VR MARKET

Potato Magician has never let me down and has always finished my commissions in a timely manner. This person has flawlessly completed five of my commissions which were models to be imported to VRchat, but the work he did was involving rigging the models for vrchat, creating the lip sync, dynamic bones, visemes, basic expressions, blinking eyes / eye look, preparing them for unity and fixing anything involving textures, the mesh, and rigging.

I tend to ask questions; He is very patient about it and will clarify on any questions you have, so he is easy to work with.

I’ve not had anything made from scratch by this person but they have always done excellent helping me with model imports and gives me a bit more than what I ask for, so they have earned my trust hence I feel compelled to write a review. Prices are reasonably good and I always pay upfront via paypal for them to start working.

Honestly I have no complaints or bad experience with this person. He is a good commissioner and they will notify you on discord about updates or let you know if there is a delay, so that’s a plus. I never liked when other commissioners took days or weeks to reply, but potato will not disappoint you with communication. he will keep in touch. He is a true worker and will also make adjustments at your request. Highly recommend this underrated guy.

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thank you

I wanted to see about some adjustments to a rig, cursed_magician was super helpful and polite. Very approachable and professional, willing to work with me to evaluate my issues. Would recommend contacting him if you need any work done.

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hello my user is ZacattackG I would like to inquire about your services I have a modal but I need help getting it VRchat ready and I have n experience so I am looking for someone to do a commission.

sure add me on discord Potato_Magician#3619