[Commission Open] Experienced 3D Artist is open for *Full Scratch/Scratch Outfit Creation* (See my works in ARTSTATION and CLIENT REVIEWS)


I sent you a friend request back late last year. Things have stabilized for me and I am ready to have a commission done. V1perN3st#2859

Hello, I have sent a friend request on discord: Kairia#7874, I am interested in commissioning an avatar from you.

Sent a friend request! Eebles#0001

Hello i sent a friend request my discord is Smurph#5544

Hello, sent a friend request to discuss a full avatar. discord is Captain Maxxy#3803

Paco The Hot Catgirl#1945

Hello I sent a request on discord! Moriko Mizumi#9114

Loved the product I received, very high quality, communicated very well and worked efficiently. Will definitely be returning if I need further work!

Hello, I’m a self taught modler of really only a few months. I have a Frankenstein model that I have put together and I’m trying to use the cloth method for the clothes rather than dynamic bones in unity. It glitches through a layer of mesh below it. It clips through and it’s very blocky in a way that ruins the illusion of its clothing. I’ve tried to figure it out but truly I’m at my wits end. Would there be a possibility I could commission you? I’m not sure what qualifications are needed and you need, like you may have the best amount of experience for this. I use Blender and the model is mmd.

If possible I would love to add some bones for physics in the rear and chest as well.

I won’t need it Imported to unity.

My Discord is - Barbatos#3813

Hey! I just sent a friend request. Looking for an avatar usable both in VRC and as a VTuber on stream. Discord tag is francis#0006 :slight_smile:

Hello! I just sent friend request on discord. Looking for an outfit for an avatar that I purchased, would you be able to do something like that? Discord tag is Nemesis#0333