[Commission Open] Experienced 3D Artist is open for *Full Scratch/Scratch Outfit Creation* (See my works in ARTSTATION and CLIENT REVIEWS)

Hello, I would like to talk about a commission.
Cup o Joe#7778

I just sent ya a request! Got a pretty easy edit commission.

Hello, I’d like to talk about a commission.

Can we talk on discord? I have an offer that you can refuse!

Offer you can refuse? What do you mean by that?

Hello! Sorry my profile is pretty default, I use the steam edition of the game, so this one is a bit lacking. I would like the commission you for something, potentially! I sent you an add on Discord, my name is “TheNumber3”

I sent you a friend request Chocolad#0444

I sent you a friends request. V1perN3st#2859

An update for people who don’t know about my work skills. I can do this starting from a sphere (This is a WIP Base Male head that I’m planning to make a Wukong realism Avatar)

Friend Request Sent! Name is Fart Garfunkel#4389

Request sent from shlamboni 5419

I don’t see your request

I’ve added you on Discord regarding a commission.


I added you on discord… Nico#9757

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I added you as a friend on discord. Looking for a full scratch commission, no budget cap <3 Tygre#3333 is my discord

Sending a friend request!! Aria#5627

Really love commission he ended up delivering so very vunderful model from an S tier waifu. Updated me regularly with the commissions work progress and did truly amazing for a from scratch project. Truly am glad they accepted this commission from me and they’re also really nice and understanding, Thank you for your hard work! +rep >:3

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Sending a friend request, HaploPaithan#8869

hey drakken sent a request your way Skiph#2492