[Commission Open] Experienced 3D Artist is open for *Full Scratch/Scratch Outfit Creation* (See my works in ARTSTATION and CLIENT REVIEWS)

Read the DESCRIPTION in this FORUM about PRICES, TERMS OF SERVICE & SUCH before adding me on discord, I really mean it

My name is DarkKEN and I’m a 3D Artist.
I have been working on creating models for 4 years.
I make models for Artstation as Portfolio wise and some are MMD.
I joined VRChat back in 2018 and I have been uploading avatars in 2019 for public and some for myself


The client has the rights to:

  • Pay upfront to the artist for $30 queue and the full payment will be later once the product is finished
  • To see updates of the works in progress
  • A free service repair for a model that is related to the artist.
  • To get the full unitypackage on the request

However, the artist has the rights to:

  • To work models from scratch for the clients request (Avatar/World/Outfit/ETC)
  • Not issuing a refund when the model is in working in progress or the works has finished
  • Not to accept edits those are only when working on blender and anything related to unity(animations. toggles, shaders, etc) except vicemes/shapekeys.
  • Not to accept clients that want a request to fix their model that is made from a different artist
  • Not to accept a request when a client only wants a FAQ or Tutorials
  • Not to accept clients with untoleratable behavior / hostility and the artist will mark them as “Blacklist”
  • Work a model for PC only, not quest

Few people kept asking me about the price but I literally put it in the description. Please read before contacting me

THINK AND DECIDE BEFORE CONTACTING THE MODEL MAKER / ARTIST. Most of them don't want to waste their time for nothing if you contact them then you go to an another artist and pick

Contact me via Discord: DarkK3N#5927 (Make sure to put your discord name in this forum so I can verify that it is you.)

Link to my works/portfolio in Artstation: ArtStation - Ken Nakajima

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XXDarkK3NXX

What I do:

  • Make Models From Full-Scratch / Outfit Creation Scratch / Edit / ETC.
  • Rigging
  • Putting and replacing accessories/ Merging or Putting mesh/model parts together.
  • Texture Mapping / Emission Mapping
  • Photoshop / 4K Detailed Textures
  • Model Fix/ Weight Paint / Shapekey / Bones
  • Sculpting
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Lip Visemes
  • Facial Shapekey / Gestures


  • VRChat Avatar Setup in Unity (Animations / Gestures / Texturing / Etc)
  • Dynamic-Bone and Colliders

My Workflow:

  1. Before I make a model from full scratch or an outfit, need a Sketch / Reference / Art / Etc.
  3. Work on the model for VRChat Set

Note: You can fully pay me after the product is finish


( Prices Will Be Different Depending The TIME and COMPLEXITY )

  • Scratch Made Outfit: $250~$400+
  • Full Scratch Avatar: $600~$1,000+
    *Realistic Avatar: $1000~

Make sure your budget is met on the specific requirements
Note: You’re talking to a person who is experienced modeling/sculpting for years


My Model Works:
(Scroll down in the comment for more of my works)

Devil Trigger The Don Commission:

-Rendered in Blender Cycles-

Lappland (From Scratched Outfit):

-Rendered in Cycles-

Stella Hoshi from Va11ha11a (All Scratch):

-Rendered in Cycles-

Indie Game Project Dark Legion | Profile: Wolf (WIP)

-Rendered in Cycles-

Gender Swap Devil May Cry Characters:

Gender Swap Alex Mercer from Prototype:


Blades Of Valhalla (GOW Fan Art):

-Rendered in Blender Cycles-

The Anima Blade (My DMC Sword Fan-Art):

-Rendered in Blender EEVEE-

Other Works And Requested Commission:

-Rendered in Blender EEVEE-

Note: If you cannot reply in 3 days via Discord about the commission, I will unfriend in the list

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within."


Hello. I am not very familiar with a lot of the terminology used here in regards to avatar creation. I have an idea of what I want and was hoping to share it with you to determine the feasibility of it. It said to contact you here first before adding you on Discord so that’s what I’m doing now.

Yes I don’t want people just to add me for no reason instead of commission. If you want a commission, you can add me via discord

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Just put your discord name here so I can confirm that it is you.

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Hi I would be happy to discuss an avatar from scartch being made my dicord is Shaun_Hero#2536

Sent Friend request

Sent friend request. Zeph#9999



I am in love with my commission, they provided exactly what I wanted and provided almost daily updates, he got it spot on the first try so there weren’t any altercations needed during the prodject, he made sure that he fully understood what I wanted before starting and I love the finished product.

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Hey are you still open to do commissions? I’m looking for someone to make cartoony monster avatars if you can help. JuJoAura#0379

Surely, hit me in discord

Hey I’m looking to help covert MMD and Koikatsu to Blender for VR chat and Source Engine / SFM Usage.

SabithaSuki#8630 is my discord, I hope its not to out of reason.

Sent ye a request >:3 DaZeeMeeuw#2321

Mizakit#0304 I sent a request

Added Magechaos#0907

Sent a request. War#0003

Sent you a friend @Jordevoir#2043

sent Exeil#9472

I don’t see you in the add friend list btw