[Commission Open] Experienced 3D Artist is open for *Full Scratch/Scratch Outfit Creation/Edit* (See my works in ARTSTATION)

it appears you didn’t add me yet

Hey Darkken,

I’m in VRChat a lot and would love to talk about what I’m looking for!

Thank you,

I don’t see you in the pending friend tab in discord

Just added! Sorry!

Sorry for being an asshole and adding you for another reasons than commissions but I’m starting on blender aswell and I was wondering if I could ask you a question or two as I really like your stuff!! : ) I’m Nacho on discord aswell

sent a friend request, this account has the same name as my discord

Hi I was hoping to get a full scratch avatar made by you my discord is DankPie#0001

Rhea#1234 with questions about modifying one of your existing creations.

May I ask you about editing existing model for VMC? Added in discord. Cryental#1843

I would love to get a quote from you. Your work is amazing and what im looking for. My username on discord is tsukiko#0680

I would love to commission an avatar from you. I added you on dc - lumifloe#8580

Zed#5730 - Sent friend request via discord for commission.