(Commission Open)0401

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Hello, this is 0401. I have been playing VRCHAT for quite a long time now. I started creating avatar because I can’t find an avatar I like on vrchat that fits me perfectly.

I always make sure it’s a both way satisfied for me and whoever is commissioning me. If you decided to commission me. I usually go over the details with you first at the beggining. The I’ll charge half of the full price before I start. I’ll collect the rest when I finished the commission.

(I’m more likely to be better on female avatars.)

I don’t make model from scratch a lot, but if requested I’ll see what I can do.

Contact Info:


Discord: 0401#0401


Contact me with discord I’ll reply as soon as I can. If no answer for more than 3 days I will delete friends please understand this.

I have my own discord server / Vrchat World. You can always hit me up in discord. I can send you a link to my server .

World Link:

Now let’s get to the serious part - Here’s What I can do

Blendshapes - Visemes/Eye tracking /Blinking

Gestures - Expressions/Shape-keyed animations - Realisted Tear crying animation / pop out emotes etc.

Particle Effects

Texture - Your choice of picture on a T-shirt / Tattoo on your body / Gif Tattoo

Shading - metallics, realistic models, 2D anime outline looking models etc.

Weight paint/clothing physics (Smooth looking clothing physics)

Dynamic bones / Colliders

FBT - Full Body Ready

Toggle for Clothes / Props / Animation effects

PvP physics (By this I mean PVP physics, if you now search pvp worlds in vrchat, you should be able to find pvp worlds, I can create weapons you can kill people with.)

Below is some example of my works.

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Commission by GYRA.