(Commission Open)0401

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Hello, this is 0401.

I take from scratch commissions.

Contact Info:


Discord: 0401#0104


Contact me with discord I’ll reply as soon as I can. If no answer for more than 3 days I will delete friends please understand this.

I have my own discord server. You can always hit me up in discord. I can send you a link to my server .

Below is some example of my works.


I’m EXTREMELY pleased with my commission, The communication was on point, very friendly, and overall a great person to chat with :). If possible I will be coming back for more and if anyone Is contemplating commissioning him… just do it. You won’t regret it <3


Added on Discord.

I have a huge idea for an avatar commission, well maybe not huge but definitely unique and different. I don’t have a super high budget 200 at most, but anyways if you could please add me on discord I’d absolutely love to discuss it with you though I do want an avatar that can go nsfw and have toggle-able clothing and hair in her emotes. And I wanted a kitsune, like Ahri from League of Legends, not Ahri but the same creature lol not a furry just putting that out there. But I do want a kitsune.
Anyhow here is my discord Queen_Freya#7089
please let me know…
I have a ton of reference pictures and a long list of descriptions as I am a perfectionist and want to get every detail in that I can to make it easier for my future avatar creator. :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t check on here often. I added you alrdy.

How hard and how much would it be for a guy with shaved sides, a top knot, with a black outfit and a black hoodie be? I don’t know if you have any models similar but I’d love to hear from you. Thank you! oRestlesso#7777

Hola I added you on discord TheMonkeyKnot#1313

Hello! I want to have a avatar made but i want some extra stuff like NSFW toggles, blood toggles, and an option to make my username disappear (I want to add a freeze frame script I got so I can do some jump scaring and fun) please add me on discord and let me know if this is possible


Thank you!

Hello! On the first photo you have on the photos, can I get something similar, I would prefer a casual shirt with “Mom Jeans” and tinishoes. Brown hair with some blonde streaks in the front, a choker and brown eyes. Thank you if you can! :3

Hello, I’d like to ask about commissioning you. I sent a friend request on Discord Vuschvidanya#7110

Sent a message under the tag of Trinity#9999 in hopes to discuss a little bit more!