Collider Issues on Posed Model


So in my world I’m trying to add character models as a game object. I’m trying to make the models “hard”, so the player collides with it, and the best solution I found was to apply the “mesh collider” component in Unity to the model’s mesh.

The problem is that the mesh collider only applies to the t-posed version of the model, so any joints that I pose that are outside of the original t-pose is still transparent and walk-throughable, and the space that the t-pose joints used to inhabit are turned into invisible walls.

I’m sure I could use a variety of other collider components (I did try the tube one, which didn’t even line up with the armature), but one of the models I’m trying to apply collisions to is a supersized model where the player walks on their hand, and a regular collider wouldn’t be able to get all of the details.


you can add empty game objects to the model hierarchy - then attach box colliders to the empty game object then / this will allow you to move / rotate and reshape them making the basic form of the avatar - the empty game object / box collider trick works great - :slight_smile:

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