Club Orion and Twitch

I love that I can stream twitch channels in club orion, and I assume likely other worlds. I’m not sure if this is exclusive to club orion, but the video portion of the stream looks terrible. It stutters at a small set of frames and kind of sits there for a while. I can work around it by enabling backup visuals, but I’m curious if there’s a way to stabilize the video feed? Or is this just a known issue with the map or Vrchat in general?

One of the items on my to-do list is to see how difficult it would be to log the command sent to yt-dlp. It’s a helper application that goes to the page requested, and normally it will download a video, but in VRChats situation it will return a link to something windows media foundation is willing to handle. So for youtube it’s an mp4, for twitch I believe it’s a link to an hls playlist. With a proper web player the web page can change the video quality on the fly, if the download speed isn’t there, or whatever the issue is. But for VRChat whatever feed it gets, is what you get.

Actually since it’s being handled by windows media foundation, then it’s likely limited to a combined feed.

Try avatar test chamber, I looked at the logs one day and it was playing a live stream from YouTube

The stack of VRChat to AVPro to windows media foundation or unity player, out of those three layers, I do not believe frame drop is gracefully handled, although I’d expect it to show frames and be behind.

Oh, maybe the hls segments don’t all start with key frames? I’ve tinkered with the different protocol supported by the video players, I haven’t tried out low latency hls (HLS stands for HTTP live streaming)

That’s great info, thanks. I’ll do some testing in avatar test chamber.

As it turns out, twitch streams largely work fine in the avatar test chamber map. I’ll reach out to the author of club orion to see if there’s a work around to stablize the video side of the stream.