Hello June!

I’ve read a few reviews on you’re work and I got to say, I strongly agree with every one of those comments. Hands down one of the best 3D model sculptors skills I’ve seen. I don’t know if at the
moment you are taking requests or not, but I sure am Interested!
Will be adding on discord as well

Thank you and continue forward doing an amazing job!

yes I am, and thank you!


man this looks amazing dude! imma have a look into this, because ive been looking for something when I get a vr headset!

youre an amazing modle maker and I wouldn’t be able to do this lol

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some completed work.


Hi, June i added on discord to talk about commissions.

I have a Commission you claimed to have completed or uploaded but yet it’s still not there. I won’t blame you as it may have been a technical hiccup, but I wish to resolve this as soon as possible.

This is looking very naisu!

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I’ve made a post on why you should not commission from Curedoasiss aka JuneYin to shed some light about his fraud act and inability to make avatars. Click here for the full review.

Save your wallet. Not worth your money.

This man changed his mind like 4-5 times fyi while revisioning this model a couple times, if anything, look at the model I’m fully confident with:
Ninja : https://gyazo.com/150b20f642021709b8a052e938010351
Mage: https://gyazo.com/542d95286785d1c7b4cafb40ac96c98b
Gunner: https://gyazo.com/519ce3c512fdb67e35d7954ab9bbdb3a

Please read through all the comments down below toward the guy named, “Wellbuilt” and how he wants to glorify him self on a high horse, decide not to post down everything when he lashing out on me.

Morale of the story is
Ask for a Avatar > Got it done, gave him files > He liked it, loved it.> want changes after it completed (for free of charge) then go back on his words with everything and say it’s a terrible model

He lashed out on a different commissioner before me btw, the person is Massashi.

Also go back on his words about sharing his model when he said yes about giving the model away and hand over my discord info

Later a guy named Lex go > his Friend(which he call him a random)> want the file, got his consent, the person even written the question with a pen tool about rather or not can he have the file so you literally cannot “misheard”

Wellbuilt replied yes and gave my discord server/info to Lex go

When I told him about Lex go has his file, he said " I didn’t ask for his consent, I have no brain, I am a poor decision maker."

The thing is > How can some one know this model is made by me and created for Wellbuilt? If you two never interacted or talk to each other before?

My model never have nametags, never have a theme, it always different.
I don’t have a public avatar world either.

After his rant and I told him how it’s going nowhere, he decides to not reply at all, and I said “have a good day.” he then lash out on the forums and created a thread about it. later it got closed

He then pretend I blocked or banned him from my server when he is the one not responding, I was talking to Lex go about this matter while it happened. and he said let him cool off.

Also he was still in my server for 1-3 more days after the matter have happened
I banned him when I saw him lying to people about it on a forums today (July 21/ 2020)

Everything is down below in the screenshots.

His thread got hidden/locked, then his comment got flagged by the community and decide to keep harassing me by editing his second comment. The true is, you are trying to save your own face, and you cannot even see what you are doing. I think it’s quite an eye opener.

If anything, this was a private conversation/matter which could be settled in private, but you decide not to and drag it out to public, now some people don’t agree with you and you decide to rage out alot more.

All the True color or Doing the right thing for the Community. Just look at the things he says and how he acts, and how he bashes me or his own friend. Went from a friend, to a random? I don’t think I need to say more.

l’ve recently commissioned from Vrcat_JuneYin. The avatar that was done was poorly made that cost 160$ total. He just threw a shitty avatar at my face, shares my avatar to a random that I’ve met in VRChat without my consent, and walks away with my money like it’s nothing.

When it comes to not trusting modelers, people like June is one of them. A random dude just comes up to June, saying that I’ve gave the random the permission to use my shitty avatar that cost 160$. With logic, June is not supposed to give away avatars to people he doesn’t know, and come to me to confirm if it’s true or not, right? Well for him it’s the complete opposite. June just gave away the avatar just like that to a random. Imagine, I’ve paid 160$, and this random paid 0$ and got my avatar just like that for free. All you have to do is be my friend so you can get my avatar for free. How easy.

Proof that he easily shares my avatar without my consent or confirmation:

Screenshot of me trying to make his mind work:

As you can see, it’s like talking to a potato with no brain, except it can talk. At that very moment I felt my IQ was about to drop. At the very end of the screenshot, I’ve tested to text on his discord account but it seems like not only I wasn’t able to text him, but earlier today I found out that I’m banned out of his server. Clearly a fraud.

Now lets talk about his avatar making skills. From the scale of 0 to 10, I’ll probably give it a 0. The shoulders looks so awful, similar to the minecraft’s avatar shoulders. As I move my arms using this avatar, the arms and shoulders is just terrible. It was bugging me the whole time. I clearly see that he has no idea on how to make avatars and all he does is just take this piece and that piece and combine them all together. I was not comfortable using this avatar. Really, professionalism at its finest.
Shoulders 2

He claims that the avatar is not broken.

bruh I’ve tested this avatar with full body when he clearly didn’t. avatar scuffed af.

Here’s also a feedback about the avatar from a real expert (thank you for the feedback, means alot):

The topic then ended up being closed because it was not appropriate for VRChat?

Not only that, they’ve deleted my post in JuneYin’s commision thread.

This is JuneYin’s recent post, which shows out his true colors.

As you can see, he claims he did ban me after all. Really, what a way to solve a problem you’ve made. :clap:

I’m here to show everyone the truth. You gave someone, it could be a friend of mine, a brother of mine, a sister of mine, a mutual of mine, it could be lex go, it could be a person you don’t know, it could be anyone, but you gave it without my consent. Why is this not getting in your head? Are you not thinking before you type all of this? Why do you think this is normal to you?

If someone comes to you and tells you, yeah I’ve got his permission to use his avatar, are you just gonna give the avatar away just like that? Or are you gonna come to me and confirm it if it’s true?

In this case, you’ve never came to me and confirm it, and instead you just gave it away just like that without my confirmation or consent. The difference between me and the random: I paid 160$, he paid 0$. My post explains everything you need to know with screenshots of everything.

Your post just showed your true colors. You’re definitely helping me shed some light about you, June. This is why I don’t recommend anyone to commission from you.

To the moderators, if you guys keep deleting, hiding my post, it just goes to show you guys are not solving the problem, but making things worst. Keep this post up because it’ll give more awareness to those who’s looking for a commission, resulting them being extra careful on choosing who to commission. I’m speaking up for what’s right. This post is my review about his work and there’s nothing wrong commenting about it.

If he’s able to do things like this to me, then he’s more likely to do this not only to his customers, but to you as well. That being said, be extra careful with modelers like JuneYin. Do more research on the best modelers out there and see their work before deciding.

I made this post because I don’t want this to happen to you as well. These things happens a lot in the VRChat community and it needs to be stopped. We can’t ignore these things. I want to use this post as an awareness to everyone who’s looking to get an avatar.

I’m perfectly calm. Since you’re not using your logical thinking, maybe use your brain next time you post? Every time you post I feel like my IQ drops. Save my IQ and stop trying to defend yourself cuz it’s not working. Don’t break your reputation because you’re literally embarrassing yourself at this point. I’m not joking.

And you think the community’s against me huh

To read their feedback, click here.

My conclusion, is JuneYin recommended? Absolutely not. A modeler who made you an avatar then gives out to someone without consent (screenshots is shown), the inability to make avatars (screenshots is shown with professional feedback), and all of that costing 160$? Shows how much of a fraud you are.

Best of luck with your life. Start reading some books, maybe that’ll help you increase some IQ.

Gonna go ahead and repost the same thing from your locked/unlisted thread.

Why do you not post everything? and only act innocent in this post?
The fact that like you trying to act like I block you and all that after 1-2 days of me giving you plenty of time to respond and you decide to just left, then suddenly make a post and pretend I block you to play innocent is quite toxic, I even talked to your friend Lex go and all about this.

you literally didn’t reply after I said have a good day, and disappeared.
Lex go said let you cool down, and all you did was insult me.

You are the type of customer that ask to re-vision and edit the model every few hours, and you do not shine a light on this because you want to look good infront of people, and I never call you out with anyone. And you decide to call it out on me?

Edit: I blocked you and banned you just now from my server, because now that you have to lie and play innocent.

Also about shitty avatar

You liked the model then you dislike it and call it shitty afterwards, you change your mind with the model just like you change your words.

And about “sharing files and me being untrusthworthy or what not,” this is how it happened, it you handing out MY info to him

You literally cannot say I did you dirty and try to take side with anyone, cause this is your own friend(which you call him a random) , I do not know lex go or anything before meeting you.