(CLOSED) Looking for someone to help import MMD model into Vrchat

Hey, I’ve been importing MMD models into Vrchat for a little bit now but I’m still not an expert on it. Lately, the plugin I use isn’t working anymore and the one model I’ve been really wanting to put into Vrchat is a bit challenging for me. I was wondering if anyone with MMD experience to commission to import the model into Vrchat for me? I have the model already so don’t worry about that.

My discord is EdenMeden#8145. Thanks so much!

Here is the picture of the model that I was trying to import because the avatar I found was on PC only.

Edit: I forgot to add the budget I have for this. I’m able to pay up to $30 USD or less but DM me for other price options

Hello I just come across your post here can we do discussion about what you are looking for… You can contact me on discord @Toshinett