(Closed) KevBal World Creation | Repairs

I develop unique custom environments using the latest SDK3 and or repair your current SDK3 projects (No Avatars). You can secure my services directly through discord(KevBal#7293) or Fiverr(for now) if you prefer. DM on Discord for more information.

All architecture and terrain is from scratch.

Pricing is determined based on scale and complexity. Certain features are universal to all packages (Highest Quality, Lighting, Any ambient required to make the project come to life). It is not my practice to charge for lighting and detail, that stuff should be expected! Presented are 3 common packages that should be used as a reference when making a request.

Personal Average : $150+ 1-2 room home world for chilling. These use a skybox without terrain.

Personal Advanced : $300+ 2-4 room home world ideal for friends to chill with you, typically with skybox but can include a small terrain.

Professional : $500+ These are worlds intended for large scale services such as clubs and games.

These price are base-line starting points, something ultra simple might be less, something more complex might be more. Message me on Discord for more details: KevBal#7293

If you want a world but are short on ideas, that is fine, tell me what you can and I will build something with my own creative direction. Constant communication will keep you in the loop the entire process.

My preferred art style is realistic or stylized but I have done toon.

Repairs include: Error Fixing | FPS Improvements | Texture Optimization |

No world is created using a template and I do not sell pre-creations. Each world is unique to the buyer. I use a combination of paid assets and my own models when applicable to deliver the highest quality product. VRC Prefabs can and will be used when applicable at no extra cost. Pricing is based on my work, not the work of others and all included credits remain.

Every project falls under CC by-NC 4. TLDR: No Resell! Everything else you are free to do. Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International — CC BY-NC 4.0

A list of previous projects can be found on my portfolio here:: KevBal Most demo links are PCVR only. That doesn’t mean the final projects weren’t Quest compatible :slight_smile:

Just a little bit about me: I have roughly 6 years experience with a degree in web design, about 5 years in Unity freelance/indie and I am absolutely obsessed with environment creation. Nothing makes me happier than making my dream worlds, or your dream worlds come into existence.

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

For my reviews and or secured payment options feel free to visit my Fiverr link https://www.fiverr.com/gobblarr

Support is offered through:

  • Personal(Discord + Paypal)
  • VRC Marketplace(Coming soon if the architecture permits custom orders)
  • Fiverr
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