[Closed] Hibby3D: Seasoned 3D Artist Taking Commissions!

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions

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:heart:[Open]:heart: - Back Open as of 5/9/2022!

What I do

Please note as of 5/11/2019 I will check all sources for imports for DO NOT IMPORT. In act of stolen and model arthors with no desire to have their work on VRC. I am also suspending all work to MMD model work, Unless its from scratch. Thank you :heart:

Examples of Work at the bottom!


· Custom Model Construction

· 100% Scratch Builds from nothing.

· Visemes and Eye Tracking (And manual creation of such.)

· Dynamic Bones and Colliders

· Full Rigging And Weight Painting (Or Skinning)

· Simple Animations (Facial, Weapons, etc.)

· Toon Shaders and some Advanced Shaders

· Model Edits

· Texture Edits

· Normal, Height, Metallic, Specular, Diffuse Maps

· UV Map Edits


You MUST have a VRChat account

You MUST know what you want

Payments are done through PayPal and are done before I start. (I Generally ask 50/50)

Price will vary on complexity and estimated time to complete → (NO REFUNDS) ←

I do offer fixes for broken models, I am very fast and clean when it comes to these, or I can
offer completely free advice on how to fix it. (Just ask :heart:)

Bare minimum for full character models from scratch starts at $500.00USD
Bodies/Heads/Hair/Props and other individual pieces start at $60.00USD and increase with complexity.
(These take a lot of time, effort, and communication between the two parties.)

Complete Scratch build, includes Full UV Mapping, Textures, and Viseme setup.
(This does not fall under ‘Frankensteining’)

Note: For Scratch Builds. to make you’re own very personal, one and only model, I do require a Model Reference Sheet of your OC or Character you want to build. It must provide at least a Direct Front View of the model.

I provide progress photos as I work to ensure accuracy for the model.


Things like Basic Visemes are included in scratch builds. If this is something you do not want for any reason, let me know.

I’ve stopped offering particle animations to focus more on what I like to do, which is character art. I have a few connections to those who like to do it should you still contacting me asking for such.

I will send you a itemized invoice of a scratch build.

I test every model before I send it over, so if something isn’t right let me know

Contact info

If you have any questions or are interested in having a model imported into VRChat send a friend request to hibby (Previously Hibby#0001) on Discord or leave a comment on here! I’m usually quick to accept FR’s so keep an eye out, If by some reason I do not get back to you by a days time, please send another message. I do get a lot of traffic through discord and there is a chance I wont see the message right away.

I appreciate patience!

Some Examples (Privacy agreements Do NOT allow me to show all my commissions.)

A bit about me!

I’ve been a model hobbyist for almost 6 years, playing with it here and there and learning modeling on my free time! The last 2 years I’ve put more time into it and started to think bigger into my potential because I have a talent for visualizing character and objects in 3D, and building them from scratch.

The feeling of creation and happiness I get from ecstatic customers and friends when finishing something for them makes it all worth it in the end. Its still fun and I look forward to helping more people out with their lovely ideas to bring to their friends fully realized and built to show everyone and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Its now 9/22/2020, and I’m still having fun doing it, thanks to all who have commissioned me, and continued to come back to support me, and love my work, I thank you! :heart:
Look forward to talking to you!

Some Comments from my older post on VRCat!

“Thanks for the help! I was surprised by how cheap it was for what you do. Thanks again for getting it done so quickly! I’m loving my avatar! <3

“Wouldn’t recommend anyone else, Hibby took my commission after a very short time, and even though there was a few problems, they managed it brilliantly! The results are genuinely worth the wait and the cheap price! <3

“10/10 service if I knew anyone and wanted an avatar, Hibby would be my number 1 recommendation! :D Besides being great at what she does she also has a great personality and is very kind, an all round lovely person to work with.”

“she is SUPER quick like she is freaking FLASH , it would shock you anyway the speed and the quality of the work is great!”

"Had the pleasure of doing business with Hibby. She not only helped me in every way I wanted with the final product but also answered all my unintelligent questions I had about how models worked too. She went above and beyond and I can’t recommend her enough. The final product looks amazing thank you.

"I recently got my model fixed by Hibby. They were extremely nice, professional, and helpful! I will definitely commission to them again in the future!

“Hibby did an amazing job on the avatar I wanted and I will certainly come back and ask for their service again. 5/5 no bullshit”

"My original post on here back when I had just the avatar without the extra outfits never went up due to images on here, in which the mods never approved the post after many weeks. So I’m remaking it!

Hibby is crazy talented and works super fast on almost everything. Just my scratch-build avatar alone, with just the default outfit, was completed almost in a weeks time. The amount of quality and detail they put into it is amazing! If there is ever any clipping issues, and you let them know, Hibby jumps straight on it to the point sometimes they don’t sleep.

I just recently had 3 more extra outfits commissioned, and not only was it done in 2 - 3 days, but once again jumped on any issues / clipping issues. I went to bed, woke up, and one of the outfits were 100% fixed no issues. That, is amazing customer service and I’m very thankful for it!

Not only is Hibby’s work ethic and skill good, but they’re super approachable and easy to talk to. The Discord they own is a great community and I made a couple friends through it which is cool! Thank you so much Hibby for putting up with my avatar, I know its probably a huge pain sometimes but I’m extremely pleased with everything that I’ve commissioned from you. <3"

“Why do we ask for models to be made? I’d like to say from my point of view that it is so we have avatars that best match our self expression and how we are feeling inside. It’s rare that you find an artist like Hibby who can help you achieve that. Hibby is quick to reply, quick to respond, and welcomes feedback, perspectives and opinions - truly forming a collaborative effort between the two of you.
Sure, this is a business transaction in a way, but with Hibby it doesn’t feel remotely that way. You present your idea to Hibby, and she is able to make it happen not just close to what you expect, but beyond it.
_ Hibby worked with my intense work schedule, and was always available and open when I had a question.
_In Hibby’s initial post, she said that she really enjoys the reactions of others - making people happy through helping them with these models. I 1000% believe that - and I think that our result perfectly met what I asked for because I utilize my models for the same reason - to bring happiness to others through our interactions in the virtual space.
Hibby helped me achieve that - and she did it with record speed and precision. This was my first time ever asking for a model to be made - from scratch too, mind you - and with limited information and just a few pictures, Hibby was able to create my dream avatar, just the way I asked for and specified.
_The price was more than fair because this model brings me overwhelming happiness. That is something that is priceless and something that Hibby is capable of evoking through her work.
_She provides a welcoming and friendly work space, and even invites you to her Discord server if you are willing. There you can meet more friendly people and learn more about the work she does. This was a excellent and pleasurable interaction for me on every level - and I’m glad that I met Hibby and asked for this commission.
I highly recommend, and when I need more work done I won’t think about going anywhere else.
_Thank you so much Hibby for fulfilling my dreams for a model, I’m deeply gracious and highly appreciative.
_It was so fun working and chatting with you, I hope to do more of it in the future.
_ Maccie”

“Well to start I was blown away with the entire process from start to finish. I had a from scratch commission and it was beyond what I expected hibby is by far the best modeler I’ve ever met price was reasonable the process was a breeze she explained everything on why and how it all works the end goal was 1000000% amazing and I recommend using hibby for your projects you won’t regret it one bit”

“Love this person, Fixed a broken $300 model that i had asked for by someone else only to have it broken and them refusing to fix it.
_Hibby took the model in and fixed it all up for me without any charge, im extremely thankful for everything they did to make it work, Would 100% comm something off them.
_Thanks again Hibby for the great assisstance.”

"I asked about a scratch-built model, and boy, did I get one.

This model is fantastic! I was able to ask questions if I needed to, and any adjustments I requested were made quickly and professionally! Even when the model was fully rigged, and uploaded, Hibby offered to fix anything that might have gone wrong (And things did go wrong initially, but they were quickly fixed within about ten minutes)

Cannot thank Hibby enough for this, and I’m still reeling over the fact that this is a thing that I’ve got access to. So once again, thank you Hibby!

Seriously, if you can afford it, go for it! I can’t recommend them enough!"

“You will never come across a better model maker then Hibby. Prices are great.
The models made are so well done and high quality you are updated almost every single day on the progress of the work that is being done for you.
For the time it took to have one done for me. I was more then happy with its outcome, any issue that shows up is always fixed and in short time I would definitely buy another one.
By far the best model maker you can ever come across if you’re looking to have a model done I highly recommend Hibby!”

"Here’s my (late) reveiw of hibby!

Pros: Incredibly fast at making the model, recieved much earlier then expected!
She always follows the reference! Making it as accurate as possible, she made some tweaks according to my picky needs, Much appreciated! She even sent me the scene for unity so I could add particles myself!

Con: she asks for your vrchat username and password, while this may not be an issue for some, I’m stupid picky about that kind of stuff, rest assured she DID everything she needed to and there was no reason to worry after all!

Verdict: I HIGHLY recommend hibby! While costly, you get what you pay for! She did a phenomenal job on my model and I’ll definitely be asking for her services again in the future! She’s the BEST!

And many more I can’t add!


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