[CLOSED] Full scratch furry/anthro stylized avatar commissions

Once I finish a total of 5 avatars (working on number 5/5 at the moment) I will open commissions again.

Hello, I’m Yacare/Kambru a 2D and 3D artist, and I’m now offering 3D VRChat avatar commissions! Please make sure to read my ToS over here before getting a commission from me, and feel free to ask any questions you may have!:

Terms of Service


  • Modeling from scratch, modifying and/or combining preexisting models
  • UV unwrapping, texturing, PBR materials
  • Rigging and weight painting, dynamic bones, etc
  • Eye tracking/visemes (voice tracking)/facial expressions/shapekeys in general
  • Preparation/export as VRChat avatar and VTubing (.vrm) avatar
  • Sculpting
    …and more! Just ask!

A “basic” avatar includes:

-Model from scratch, optimized for Quest and PC
-Texture and material
-Basic humanoid rig compatible with Unity, plus dynamic tail bones (for a bouncy tail!)
-Visemes (for accurate lip syncing)
-Eye tracking and blinking

If you want finger tracking, extra dynamic bones (“bouncy” ears, hair, etc), facial expressions (sadness, anger, joy, etc), outfits, extra bodyparts (such as wings, or other things like that), etcetera, you can add them as extras.
I’m not offering custom animations for avatars at the moment, but if I ever do sometime in the future, I will update this post!


  • Finger tracking
  • Extra dynamic bones
  • Extra bodyparts (the base parts include arms, legs, ears and tail)
  • Facial expressions
  • Outfits or props

The VRChat avatar will be delivered as a .unitypackage file, ready to be uploaded.

If you already have a model and you just need to adapt it to be used as an avatar, or to modify a preexisting avatar (from VRchat to .vrm or viceversa), please let me know in advance!

Some gifs of my own avatar made from scratch:

You can see more of my 3D work over here!

You can contact me via email at yacarekb@gmail.com , telegram @yacareKB or Discord yacare#6661 (but please leave a comment here with your discord tag, so I can know who you are and accept your request!)

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to work with you and help you bring your avatar to life!

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

A little gift for the people that read everything! Here are the files to upload my Carpincho/capybara avatar :slight_smile:
You can upload it as-is (if you’re not sure how, here is a short tutorial I found, I hope it helps!), and modifications are also allowed, I will appreciate it if you mention me as the original creator, though!

New public VRChat avatar! A friendly capybara :slight_smile:
I will post the .unitypackage in this thread as a freebie once I have a bit of free time, so anyone can use it!


I’m interested in commissioning :0 Snowiflake#0728 this is my discord tag, may i add you?

Hey there! My slots are full at the moment, but I will let you know when they’re open again, I’ll save you a spot :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you! i’ll add you on discord anyway so you can notify me :slight_smile:

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Good day!

I was wondering if you had this available as a .unitypackage yet, since you mentioned you’d have it available earlier. Absolutely no pressure to respond if you’re currently busy, thought!

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You’re right, I totally forgot to upload it!
It has a couple of issues that I wanted to fix, but they’re so minor that they shouldn’t matter. I’ll see if I can fix that quickly, and add the link to the main post :slight_smile:

There, I finally uploaded the capybara avatar as a .unitypackage! Let me know if it uploads correctly or if you have any issues so I can fix them