ClientSim doesn't work in one project

ClientSim used to work in my project but one day (months ago) it stopped working and I worked around it. Today I decided to create a new world using CC and ClientSim works fine in that nearly empty project.

So I’m hoping for any clues as to what is preventing it from working in my main project. I can press run and I get a notice from ClientSim telling me I must first update project settings. I exit and Apply VRChat Input Axes (the suggestion that I’ve given). I start the app again and I get the update settings warning again. They never seem to “set” if that is the issue.

Any ideas what might be causing this and how I might solve it? Quick tests with ClientSim would be nice.

There is a Workaround:

After some tinkering i was able to solve this manualy.
In “Packages/com.vrchat.clientsim/Editor/Resources”, there is a file called ClientSimInputManager.asset
Copy this file, rename it to InputManager.asset
Then in the root folder of your unity project open projectsettings, and copy the InputManager.asset that you just renamed into projectsettings, replacing the existing one.
This should get it to work, so i dont think the settings file is copying properly.

But since its now inside the SDK, you have to had a “old” version where you find the Folders. Or just Download the File: InputManager.asset - Google Drive

and copy the InputManager.asset into projectsettings, replacing the existing one.

Thanks for the info. I can see that the project is a mix of versions with some old folders left over after an upgrade. Something got confused and messed up. Simply copying the file didn’t seem to work BUT I’d rather not leave the old unneeded folders/files around so I’ll plan on creating a new project and manually move all the assets over. A fair amount of work but it will be clean in the end.

Thanks again for the answer.