Clickbait image used for world screenshot

I stumbled on this “world” in community tabs today, and was going to report it, though “clickbait loading image” was not an option.

The nearest explanation I could give is that the world maker used a stock image to entice people into visiting the world, though when you land, you see there’s just the same 2D image on a flat cube, and no actual model as one would expect.

Would this count as misleading or false promotion?
Or, maybe the author thought it was a funny prank to play upon the unsuspecting VRChat community?

It’s a small world and doesn’t otherwise seem malicious, though my party of friends and I didn’t find it amusing. It was the first time I’ve ever came across clickbait. I hope it’s not something we’ll see more of, since it’s ultimately a waste of time and resources, IMHO.