[Check Status] Avatars from zero, partial or conversions

Commission Slots: 0 available (October 4th, 2021)


  • Modification from an existing model.
  • Avatar from scratch (includes rigging, base textures, eye tracking and visemes)
  • Props, weapons, clothes, hair, etc.
  • Avatar conversion from XNALara/XPS, VRoid Studio, etc.

You get updates via Discord, pictures and support during the time the commission is being worked on, prices vary depending on the complexity, all commissions require a 50% upfront payment (Paypal, BTC, LTC, ADA, DOT), all source files (.blend, FBX and the like) are provided upon completion as well (final payment must be issued upon confirmation of content delivery).


You can contact me on Discord: VanFanelMX#0091 and use this thread if you have any questions about the service or something that may have not been mentioned in this post.

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REFUND POLICIES: (Effective from July 12th, 2021)

1.- The initial payment which is issued to begin working on commissions are not elegible for refunds after 14 natural days after sending the payment, the client will be provided with all source files that were worked on upon cancellation.

2.- Cancellation fees are accounted for in the initial payment, therefore it is important to keep all communication through Discord, it is adviced to keep screen captures of all conversations and update messages.

3.- Once all content is delivered clients must confirm all functionality on their files within 24 hours to be elegible for a refund.

4.- To avoid any possible abuse on payment processor refund processes communication must be maintained through Discord during resolutions.

5.- After 7 natural days from the moment all content is delivered all commissions are considered fulfilled and thus no longer elegible for a refund, commissions can however be revised and re-checked if there were any issues neither the client or I noticed beforehand at no extra cost.

DISCLAMER: I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.


hello, i’ve sent a friend request on discord. mind accepting so i can dm you?
(if you’re wondering, by the way, i’m not in the vrchat discord server because thousands of people in one server scares me. so i’ll have to friend you to dm you)

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Yeah, I may need your wisdom. Added you on discord

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OK, I’ll see you there.

To all who are thinking of choosing this man for the job… don’t think, just do it! He’s helped me constantly to ensure I get the best out of the avatar I wanted without complaints! Thank you very much @tiomegamanx for helping me out converting my favorite Spider-Man Suit to VRC! 10/10 Worth the price!

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Thank you to all people who have commissioned something from me, for some reason the main post was hidden but I am still working on the remaining jobs, not sure what was the problem, the post is pending moderation so I just hope the rest of the thread still remains.

@tiomegamanx did a great job at creating my avatar, and at a fair price for the detail in the finished product! Would absolutely recommend them!

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Added you on Discord. Hope to hear from you soon! :space_invader:

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Just got a commission finished by this guy.
Genuinely great work, will probably commission again in the future.

made me an alien lady with humongous hungolomghononoloughongous. cannot argue with such a perfect work of art, 10/10.

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Back in business for a limited time, some commissions may take longer than expected.

Loved it, they even helped me upload it! super happy and was a great price

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Sent a Friend Request on Discord Dazilla84#7999

I’ll see you in discord.

almost forgot to leave a comment review thing here after i got my model oops–
not sure what i can say that someone else hasnt said already. he did a really good job. that’s all ive got to say. good job, good price for it… yknow the whole deal. did a shadow the hedgehog model for me and it’s my main model now. 10/10. too lazy to get a picture so you’ll just have to take my word for it

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Thank you very much.

He made my avatar from scratch from the anime knights and magic and fully rigged it with dynamics bones. He also fixed the bugs after the product was finished. Happy with the results

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I found VanFanelMX by the grace of the google heavens one night, going through forum posts here about commissions and I out of interest clicked his page and knew that I wanted to commission them!! I took a chance and I was more than pleased by his work and effort he put into making my character :slight_smile: I really highly suggest if you want someone who’s thorough and understanding then VanFanelMX is the one to go to. He did an excellent job re rigging the avatar base I had been looking at for a long time (for this very reasoning) he did so wonderful on the wrinkles and ruffles on the dress and I can’t stop looking at myself in mirrors. All in all would and will commission from him again!!

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VanFanelMX is great, he helped me with everything i needed. They were extremely patient and answered all questions i had. They also re rigged the bones to fix the issues it previously had. I would highly recommend a commission from them. I will definitely commission from them again.

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Back in business, open slots.

Dude was able to make a model from scratch based off sprites and fan art! Model looks exactly as i imagined!! Also helped me upload it and everything, seeing as i’ve never touched unity! 10/10, Highly recommend.

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