[Check Status] Avatar Commissions for Less

Hello I’m CrescentRose (yes its from RWBY I am very unoriginal with names) I do Head swaps, Model merging, Clothing adding, Texture recoloring, Dynamic Bones, Visemes, eye tracking, Bone fixing, Prop Animations, Face Animations, Simple Weight Painting and Simple Particle Effects are my thing. If you want to make a popular avatar your own custom feel to it this is the right place for you, prices are always reasonable to cheap I can guarantee.

20$ - Model with eye and mouth tracking uploaded to your account
25$ - + Dynamic Bones / Cloth Physics with Colliders
30$ - + Custom Animations/ Weapons / Sound and Music
50$+ (depending on the avatar) - Your own Custom Avatar and all of it mentioned above

Can do quest avatars too

Avatars from scratch prices are discussed in DMs but minimum 300

If you wanna contact me just message me in discord at CrescentRose#1581 if you want more references. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can. I have made 100+ avatars so I have a bit of experience. Might make a world for my avatars so you can check them out in the near future.

NSFW Avatars are priced more.
Can now import avatars to Beat Saber , VRoid and VRM files

My discord server where I post my work that I have been doing Crescent Avatars

Status: OPEN