Char spawns running, jumping throws character

So i have made worlds before and nothing like this has ever happened. When the player spawns in the world, their character runs in place. If you jump in world it launches you into the distance literally forever. You cannot respawn as you’re moving and any form of slowing down will be reset to ultra fast motion again after a while. None of the movement adjustments have been altered, my spawn is not in or underground, and there are no clipping colliders. They spawn on a terrain plate with terrain collider. The water does not have colliders. Please send help.

Capture 2

Have you checked the colliders in your scene?
Under Window->Analysis->physics debugger you can visualize what’s going on in your scene and where your colliders are.

cause it honestly sounds like you’re spawning your character inside a collider of some sort…

yes, there are no colliders and issue is fixed when I replace terrain with a plane. I made a brand new terrain as well and the issue still happened and I’ve used terrain before without problems.