Changing Avatar Tracking On World Stations SDK3

The Vrchat wiki VRC_Station says “The SDK3 branch can choose to do any combination of animations, Tracking Control changes, and Pose Space changes” VRC_Station

As is though I can’t seem to do tracking control or pose space changes in worlds chairs. In avatar animators I can but not in world chair animators. Its required to make things like dance pads or other full body animations. I know it must be possible since dance worlds exist but I don’t know how its done. I’ve spent so many nights trying to look up an answer or solution to no luck.

The closest I got was a japanese article back in 2021 about installing VRCSDK-Avatars on top of the VRCSDK-Worlds to unlock the avatars control in the animator. Its way out of date and a hassle even if I could have gotten it to work. SDK3/SDK2両対応アニメーションを置き換えるワールドのVRCStationの作り方 - 黒鳥のメモ

If anyone knows anything or has any advice, any help would be great!