Changing animations with vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer

I’ve been working on some in-world furniture where I’d like to change the sitting animation, but I’ve run into two somewhat big issues:

  1. If I use vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer with or without any changes, on getting up, the avatar is completely frozen in space. There is no tracking and you have to respawn to be able to move again. To reproduce this yourself, you can add the example chair from the SDK to any world, unpack the prefab, and then just drag the vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer into the Animation Controller slot. Then if you sit, when you stand you will no longer be able to move.

  2. If I don’t use that controller, I can make it work almost completely by not using the “sitting” check box. However, if the “sitting” check box isn’t checked then the camera stays at normal height. I’d like the camera to move with the character’s head (for example, moving down to the same height as the character, when it lays down). I have the Temporary Pose Space enabled for the animation segment, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything unless I check “Sitting” and if I check “Sitting” then I get the same problem as #1, where the character is frozen when it stands.

Can anyone explain to me what I might be doing wrong?

I think I fix that on my custom controller. You can try it and tell me if the issue still occur.

Or use any avatar in the Quest Church

I have a second layer that make sure all the tracking are back when existing a station.

That performs exactly the same as the built in controller, unless I’m using it wrong.

What I did, is I placed a VRCChair and dropped your controller into the Animator Controller section. Like this:

When I sit on it, everything seems to work normally, but if I press W to get up, then I stand and am frozen in place.

I can’t really expand your screenshot, but it looks like you’re applying that to an avatar somehow? I’m actually attempting to apply the override to objects so that visitors to my world won’t have to have sitting animations – instead the furniture will have the custom animations.