Change the localization (language and country) for a world. Error adding localization

Hi, I am testing a world, but when is launched in vrchat appears the United States flat as country and language… and all the options are in English. I want to change this value, and use Spanish, but localization “option” is not under “proyect settings” in Unity (as I read in docs)

I also try to add “localization” in package manager but after adding (even in a empty world) retuns error of compilation.

How can I change the language ?

Thanks in advance.

As far as using the menu in VRChat in different languages, VRChat is slowly adding support for multiple languages, but it’s definitely slow. Info Here
In terms of making your content support multiple languages, you will likely need to make a system to allow the user to change languages at will, then giving them a dropdown for the different languages you support at the beginning of your world. An asset for this may be publicly available, but I’m unaware of it.

Thanks for your repply

Simplest I’ve seen is have a text file for each language, and each line is a separate string. So you could load the file into array, and then have a function that sets all the strings around the world using the numbers.

Thnaks a lot