Change from 2018 to 2019 unity?

Any tips moving a project from 2018 to 2019 unity?

found this super helpful Migrating from 2018 LTS to 2019 LTS thanks luna stole this from another post. any other tricks that people have noticed work?

Backup your 2018 project
Remove the vrc sdk folder
Migrate to 2019
import the new 2019 sdk
Disable HDRP/URP (they’re still not supported and might break certain shaders)
Press play and check for missing script errors or udon behavior errors and fix them

Ive already messed this all up lol gonna be fine

Man this feels fresh. Glad this happened

I had a helluva time moving to 2019, getting a strange error with AudioLink for my world (the issue was completely unrelated to AudioLink).

I had to start a new project in 2019, import all the packages that I used in my world then export my old world’s assets and scene then import them into the new project.

well, as mentioned in the “migrating from 2018 to 2019” documentation.
There can be some issues when migrating, which is why they recommend making an empty scene before migrating and saving unity with that scene open.

Unity can occasionally lose references when migrating between engine versions and making an empty scene essentially skips that while you import the new sdk and u# stuff

I followed the guide to the T and retried a few times, the only thing that worked for me was as I described - a brand new project and importing my assets as a package from the old project.

first one for me was just trial and error and alot of fun learning that I know nothing about unity still. All the others ive done have been hella smooth without hardly any udon errors. so the guide is sound, although mileage may vary with script errors you will have to fix n stuff.