Chairs kinda not working

So some of the chairs in my world just stopped working. Any chairs that had the station just in the thing that will be the seat are no longer working. However any chair that had the actual VRC Chair is working. Im curious should we be changing the chairs to some standard or is this a thing thats gonna be fixed later?

If you are using SDK3, then this happened in The Pug too. It is due to a bug in the most recent VRChat update.

The bug is caused by using a Station script alone without pairing it with an Udon Behavior. VRChat usually takes care of this for you if you choose to use the Station Script alone (like I do in The Pug). But something was broken relating to this functionality. Now stations built this way are missing part of what they need.

I reported it to VRChat, and they said it is already fixed internally and will be in the next VRChat update.

To work around the bug while we wait for VRChat to fix the client:

  1. Add an Udon Behavior to each station.
  2. Add the example Station/Chair Udon Graph to each of those Udon Behaviors.

Let me know if this is not fixing it, or if you are using SDK2.

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Yeah that fixes it thanks man. Also btw love the new lighting in the pug :slight_smile: