Can't update my world in Unity

So when I hit build and test, the world will run perfectly. However when I try to build and publish (to update my world) it just says unity application is running, and plays the scene in unity. I’ve only uploaded my world once, and this is the first attempt at updating.

Okay so I seem to have fixed this issue, and it now goes to the upload page. However it’s going to the page where you upload a new world, and I’m trying to update my existing world. Any help is very much appreciated!

I think if I understand this right. you need the Blueprint ID for your world. Go to your SDK Control Panel and select Content Manager. From there select Copy ID next to the world you are talking about. Then in your scene select the VRCWorld in the hierarchy and over in inspector locate the Pipeline manager (script) section. If there is already an ID there detach it and add the one you copied from the control panel and attach it. Bingo Bango I hope this helped.

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This helped immensely, thank you so much! Very new to unity still

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