Can't Type World Name or click upload check mark when Uploading World

I am trying to upload a test world and have been getting an error where I can’t interact with the World Name text box or the verification check mark to finish uploading. I don’t have any errors when building or testing the world and unity doesn’t tell me anything. The Game session is also playing and not paused as you can see below. I am a Known user and have uploaded worlds before, never had this happen though. I am using the creator companion for the first time, not sure if that has any effect? Everything is fully up to date as of the time of posting.

Is that form slightly squished? There should be option for aspect ratio of game window. I believe there might be a free aspect ratio option.

I checked and the aspect ratio is in free aspect already. I changed it to other aspect ratio’s just to see if that changed anything and it didn’t. I also found that if I select the right edge of the text boxes I can start typing in them. It’s really finicky though since it’s a pixel or so wide.

This happens to me if I focus on another window after clicking the upload button. I always just make sure it’s not paused and don’t click on any other applications until I finish uploading. Also sometimes Unity will stop working if I upload and then try to upload again or switch builds without first closing it.

Adding new comment to bump post. Still having the same issue where I cannot upload at all since I cannot select anything or type anything is any of the fields. I’ve included a video where I show that I can’t select anything.

Edit: Changed to youtube link as google drive link was not working correctly

Hello All, another update with what I found. I played around with different objects in my scene and found the Physics Raycaster component I added to a GameObject was causing this issue. If I delete this component then I can click on the upload boxes correctly. Seems like this is a VRC SDK issue, not sure what to do about this. Is anyone else using Physics Raycasters and not having this issue or is the issue replicated?

After some more experimentation the problem is solved! For those who have a similar issue, you need to fix the Mask in the Physics Raycaster component. I had this set to Everything but if you remove the UI layers then you can click normally. I think what is happening is that VRC sends a raycast when you click in the upload sequence to detect which box you type into and by having another physics raycaster this some how screws this up. If any devs read this you may want to find a solution to prevent this!