Can't see avatar asset - but other can (also shown in mirror)

I have been adding things to my avatar and it has all worked completely fine, however I recently added some glow stick bracelets and it toggles correctly etc but it doesn’t show on my arms when I look at them

Others can see them fine and they show up in the VRC camera and in any mirror. It’s not a huge issue but it is annoying that I can’t see when they are toggled on and off.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sit in a chair and walk away from yourself, maybe they are considered attached to head?

Check to make sure that the glow sticks aren’t rigged to the head. Even a tiny influence from the head bone (or children of the head bone) in the weight map will cause this behaviour.

I have this issue, but rather than not being able to see it when I look at it normally, it has no reflection. I just find it odd because previous iterations the items in question did have a reflection.