Can't save

I tried to unfavorite some avatars, website shows i did. but the in game app shows they’re still in my favorites but unfavorited, and i can’t get rid of them. I cleared both game and local avatar cache, nothing is working. This on top of tons of other bugs is starting to really annoy me.

Are you on PC? One thing you can do in the mean time is you can grab the avatar ID of the avatar you’re currently wearing and save it. So as an example I go to avatars page on the website and it shows me that I’m currently in the gogoloco test avatar, and the link is that the picture links to is

Well, avtr_269786cf-81cc-4205-b759-a9e6e7b9c678 is the avatar ID. Prismics avatar search has a small text box near the lighting controls where you can paste an avatar ID and get a pedestal you can interact with.

If you’re on quest standalone, I’ve heard that you can probably stick text strings like that into the notes field for friends, and the notes are accessible on the website and in game.

VRChat will fix the problem on thier(my phone is not helping with thier vs their) end so waiting is also an option, but personally I would just note down the avatar ID of anything I can’t favorite and then carry on with whatever I’m up to.

To anyone using vrcx: Yeah yeah using something like vrcx might be easier. I acknowledge you. :smiley: