Can't get the emotes to work

Hello, I am trying to get the emotes to work, they work perfectly in unity, but fail to work in vrchat and I can’t find an answer that works anywhere.

  • I added full masks to the fx animator, every layer except the very first

  • I used the Lyuma’s AV3 emulator to see if I could find something, didn’t help to fix it, but I did notice something.

In the image, I’ve noticed that in the actions animator, It just gets stuck on the “WaitForActionOrAfk” tile. I’m not sure if that means anything, but I can’t find why it’s doing this.

I appreciate any help

That looks like something to do with the conditions of the state transitions. Some condition isn’t being met or the current state isn’t allowing a transition to occur.

You mentioned that you added full masks to every layer except the first - that sounds a little odd to me. If you’re doing that in order to isolate the layer you’re having problems with, could there be something inside those layers that is necessary in order to make your state transition happen? For instance, maybe setting some variable in one layer that is checked in this one? If your emulator doesn’t account for layer masking, that might explain why it works there and not in VRC.

Just throwing some ideas out there.