Can't get Lip Sync to work with Viseme Parameter Only

I’m trying to add lip sync to an avatar but it isn’t working. I can’t use blendshapes since the mouth is fully rigged, so I’m trying to use animations instead. On the VRC Avatar Descriptor, I set LipSync to “Viseme Parameter Only”. I created an AnimatorController named “LipSync”, which is placed on the root of the mouth section of the rig. There is also the animator on the root of the avatar - the one which came with it when I imported the model. I added the LipSync controller to the Playable Layers on the VRC Avatar Descriptor under “FX”. In the Controller I added a parameter called “Viseme” on the layer “Base Layer”. If I set this parameter manually in Unity, the lip sync works as expected. But when I test it in-game, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Ok I figured it out. Once I moved the State Machine to the Animator controller on the root of the character instead of the additional one further down the hierarchy, it’s suddenly working!