Cant genereate normals for blendshape error

I cannot get this stupid error to go away and i cannot get my lipsyncing to work ingame

I did what everyone told my to do with the import settings but nothing works

What kinda BS is no one telling me that magically gets this crap to work?

Everyone’s setup is different, same goes for everyone’s export process.
9/10 times though this is an export issue, not an import issue.

If you’re using blender, export using a recent version of blender (2.8 and up) and make sure you export as an .fbx file.

Chances are high you’re using an .obj or an ascii fbx, both of which don’t really play nice with unity.
Another option is using autodesk’s fbx converter, which can convert an fbx format to another fbx format and fixes certain issues along the way. (just make sure the destination format is 2013 or higher)

managed to get it to work using 3DS Max, but for some reason when i import it theres all these weird lines that show up on the grid and now unity thinks my avatar is 400 feet tall