Cannot favorite/unfavorite avatars

I am a new player. I have 3/16 favorite avatars but it will not allow me to add more or even unfavorite my current three or modify them. I am using PC without the VR headset.


I have had the same problem i cant unfavorite any avatars or add any new ones. This all started yesterday when some random person with some kind of search avatars mod, allowed me to copy his avatar and now i cant unfav or fav. i have tried reinstalling the game, clearing cache, restarting the game and computer

edit; it fixed itself

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How’d it fix itself?

Legit today I got the glitch again. Last time I just waited 1 day or so. My friends said to switch from steam vr to oculus but I dont think that works

Have had the same thing, just went away after 1 or 2 days