Cancerspace shader makes screen upside down

At first: English is not my Main Language so there may be mistakes
Hello, as in Title I Use Shader named Cancerspace (shader for screen effects) that i use to make color changing in animation,But This Shader Makes screen upside-down, only ingame, in unity everything is normal.

I Have tried:

  1. Rotate shader
  2. Rotate Sphere with shader on it
  3. (stupid idea) make 2nd sphere with same shader (because when 1 sphere rotates 180 degrees,
    I thought that 2nd sphere will rotate it 360 degrees)

And… Nothing, None of those ideas worked.
Im out of ideas, I Don’t know what to do with this, So if You Have ANY Ideas Please tell me i will try

if You Want to test the shader to analyze problem here is link:

Or if You know any FREE shader that can do screen effects (like color changing),
send me link and I will try it

Nevermind, I Have contacted author of that Shader, And he Think it’s problem with shader
He Told Me that he will try to fix it


Shader is now fixed
Author contacted me, and told me there is update available
i Tried And it works so if you want it
here it is: