Can you participate in a vrchat jam if you are still only visitor rank?

I know you can’t publish a world on visitor rank but the upcoming spooky jam seems to want participants to post their words on Does that mean even visitor ranks can participate?

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When you post your world on, you’ll need to specify the world ID of your uploaded world.

So if you’re unable to upload world, you wouldn’t be able to participate. You’d need at least the ‘New User’ rank, I believe.

However! I think this is something the devs should look into. I assume there might be some users who might want to participate, but come outside the VRChat development community.

In the meantime - If you’d still like to participate, you could collaborate with a user who has already achieved a higher trust rank. Or you could try increasing your rank by making friends, hanging out, or linking your Steam account to a VRChat account.