Can you make a save system in udon

i have a world and i want to make it so when people get points that its save instead of resetting every time they join back

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currently not possible with udon.

Udon doesn’t have any WebRequest or System.IO support. So there’s not really support for extrernal data.

There might be a way to do things using render textures and the fact you can get external texture data, like how the real time clocks did it. but it’ll be a bunch of hoops to jump through

This is a planned feature! Find out more here: VRChat April 2021 Dev Stream Recap! | by VRChat | VRChat | Medium

what’s mentioned is client side persistence, not server side persistence.

it’s a step in the right direction, since it does allow for saving certain information. Like a local world block list or as mentioned the state of an adventure map.

But it won’t help with things like leaderboards or things where you want to track stuff across instances. It’ll only allow you to get the information of the people that are currently in that instance and not from the people in other instances.

TL.DR: it’ll be nice to store and retrieve data, and it’ll open a door for developers to make more complex systems with udon. However be aware that it’s client side and not server side.

This isn’t quite accurate. We have plans (and announced plans) for several types of persistence, most (if not all) involve data stored on our servers.

No ETA, but we definitely want both types.

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Thank you for clarifying! Looking forward to that feature :blush: