Can you have certain audio sources only play for specific people?

I want to make a telephone system to be able to give a select group of players walkie talkies while walking around the map. Is this possible? The audio source override seams to effect everyone but I need to have only specific people hear it.

You will need to use Udon for this. I would suggest to take a look at this:

If you’re not using udon yet, this is one of those advanced things that will require you to install Udon. Remember that you can use “CyanTriggers” as a stepping stone when coming from the triggers in SDK2.

Each player can run an udon script that picks other players and performs the above documented methods on the other players. Remember that when you write udon, the udon script runs on everyone’s computer, and so it can make different (“local”) decisions, kind of like how when you push a mirror button it doesn’t turn on the mirror for everyone else.

When creating the udon script, consider that it is running from the perspective of one of the players, kind of like telling a story: for example, from my perspective, player 2 is set to a really high volume, and player 3 is muted.