Can no longer "future-proof" avatar

Just a little background, about a month ago I could no longer upload my avatar with “future proof publish” enabled in the control panel anymore. During upload it would get to “cleaning up previous version” and start looping this critical error:

Unity package upload failed: Failed to delete previous incomplete version! (file path)

I tried deleting the file manually after following the file path in the error but no luck.

I guess my question is, can I fix this and if not can I continue to keep uploading without checking “future proof publish” without adverse effect?

“Future proof” does not affect your avatar at all. It is a vestigial feature of the SDK that has no end-user benefit.

Go ahead and turn “future proof” off in all of your projects (avatars and worlds). Doing so will speed up your build and upload times.

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Thanks, just making sure!

hey, im having the same error message with sdk 3 even though i have future proofing off. ive had it off since i really started messing with my own avatars