Can No Longer Do "Local Testing" Of World With Latest SDK

Windows 10 x64 Build 20H2 19042.867
Unity 2018.4.20f1
HTC Vive

First and foremost, let it be known that UNTIL the obtainment and usage of the latest SDK2, I have never had a problem, and have changed no other software, or hardware.

With this latest SDK2, there is a new option which reads, “Force Non VR”.

With that option check marked, I can not test my world from within my VR headset, which is understandable.

However, when I uncheck that option, to be able to once again, be able to test my world locally, via VR headset, VRChat initialization screen starts, as normal, and I am given the standard options on the screen of, “Go”, and “Return To Home”. But then, if I select/highlight “Go” with my VR hand controller, and click as I normally do, nothing happens. The same if I click, “Return To Home”, nothing happens.

Both of those options highlight when I hover over them, so they are acknowledging that they are being selected, but nothing happens when I trigger.

Again, this issue only started once I grabbed the latest SDK2.

And just to make sure, I log out of the SDK, then get completely out of Unity, and log into the Steam client, start VRChat, and all VR Headset operations work perfectly. It’s something with that new SDK.

Any help?