Can I test my World with friends without uploading it? (+ Follow up Questions)

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Soo… I’m currently working on a Multiplayer Vrchat Map.
I finally arrived at the point where I need to test everything I’ve got so far with other people.

I know I can test with multiple clients, I already did that, and so far it seems fine to me.

Thing is, I need to know how everything works together in realtime Gameplay, not just with me switching clients. For example to see if my projectile speeds are fine the way they are. I also need to figure out how much the 1sec delay between players will affect the game overall.

If its unbearable I might have to change the Genre from an Arena shooter to a Co-op shooter or something.

A few Follow up Questions:

  • If I need to upload the world, and can’t test it without uploading - is there a way for me to delete it afterwards?

  • If thats the case, Am I even allowed to block the world off with a pin that only me and my Friends know so I can test it with them?

  • Is it somehow possible to open up Vrchat worlds you’ve downloaded from Vrchat in Unity? Because if it is, I might need to scrap some of my ideas I wanted to implement and move straight to making the other Games outside of Vrchat.

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Short answer, yes, longer answer, yes, but it depends on how you want to do things.

Using Private worlds

Obviously worlds are private when you upload them and before you put them through the community labs. You can just invite your friends to quickly test them without much if any issues.

Private worlds won’t show up on your profile either so unless they have the direct invite link to the world you’ll be the only one to invite people.

Using the world file

This will be a bit more tricky and I’m not sure if it works over a network. But when you hit “build & test” your world obviously isn’t uploaded to VRChat yet. It’s a local world file that’s used and VRChat just uses that file and spins up a new room using a room code.

VRChat supports a plethora of command line options you can use when starting the game, one of which is this room file and code. So, what you’d have to do is find your VRCW file and share it with your friends for testing.

This file is usually located here:
C://Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Temp/DefaultCompany/<project name>/scene-StandaloneWindows64-<Scene Name>.vrcw

And the startup arguments you can use to make it load that world are:

VRChat.exe "vrchat://create/?roomId=5471213064&hidden=true&name=BuildAndRun&url=file:///C://Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Temp/DefaultCompany/<project name>/scene-StandaloneWindows64-<scene name>.vrcw"

This command will start a new room with the id 5471213064 that’s hidden, any client that uses the same VRCW and room id will automatically join that world and that instance.

As to answer the other questions:

Can I delete (private) world(s) afterwards

Yes you can, but not easily through the website, when you delete them through the content manger in unity they’re gone though.

Blocking off (portions of) worlds

Yes, this is allowed, especially if it’s a private world.

Downloading worlds from VRC

No, this isn’t possible, the worlds VRChat caches are a different format to those used for building & testing. And there are no real way to “download” worlds for offline use.

Add to that that when compiled, they’re compiled using VRChat’s unique format, making it impossible to import them back into unity even if you have the original .vrcw file.

The only (currently) known way of importing a VRChat world into Unity is put simply having the original project files.


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