Can I export my vrchat world to OBJ?

I am using terrain tools and trees and so on but with the vrcsdk. I would need to retouch it in Blender. Can I export it as OBJ or this is a Unity question not a VRCHAT question? I want to bring the OBJ back after and use it on VRCHAT later of course.

It’s a Unity question,
since it involves exporting the terrain from your unity project to blender.

And the answer is:
It depends.

It honestly depends what kind of terrain it is.
If it’s using the terrain system in unity itself, you’ll need a third party add-on to export it.
If it’s already made out of meshes, you can just export it as an fbx.

Try giving this a shot:

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If you want to try the fbx approach. Unity has an FBX exporter, but it has to be added though the package manager. Instructions here:

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I tried it already. Didn’t work for Blender. It was done for 3DsMax and Maya. Thank you very much.