Button triggers not functioning when testing world

Hello! Trying to make my first VRChat world on SDK2 and everything is nearly finished except for the buttons don’t work. I have all my button objects underneath the Canvas in the hierarchy, and when I look at them in Unity they all are pointing to the various things they turn off/on. For example here is one of my mirror buttons, attached to toggle the mirror.

The other buttons are all similarly set up with their triggers pointing to their particular game objects to turn off/on. However when I load up into VRChat they just aren’t clickable at all. I’m not entirely sure what I am missing here, at least from what I’m seeing within the tutorials I’ve checked out I’m following their steps.

When I press play in Unity I do at least get a hover state on them there, but I don’t even get that in VR Chat.

Make sure they’re on the “walkthrough” collision layer. Otherwise they won’t work.

Additionally you’ll need to add the VRC UI Shape script to the canvas