[BUSY...] Avatars from zero, partial or conversions

Back on business from the VRC forum (the unofficial one), let’s cut to the chase.

  • Modification from an existing model.
  • Avatar from scratch (includes rigging, base textures, eye tracking and visemes)
  • Props, weapons, clothes, hair, etc.
  • Avatar conversion from XNALara/XPS, VRoid Studio, etc.

You get updates via Discord, pictures and support during the time the commission is being worked on, prices vary depending on the complexity, all commissions require a 50% upfront payment (I use Paypal), all source files (.blend and the like) are provided upon completion as well.

Please note that I expect the final payment as soon as I deliver the rest of the files, I don’t want to nag you for a payment every 5 minutes, stuff is delivered in full, if there is any problem you can always post screencaps as insurance, so please consider that.

I work on a limited number of commissions at a time to dedicate each one the needed time to polish them, I have experience with anthropomorphic avatars as well as regular human and anime-ish (mostly through VRoid Studio but I am also working on a custom solution for those), I have made a few props from time to time (weapons, accessories, etc.) if you have any questions feel free to ask.

You can contact me on Discord: VanFanelMX#0091

DISCLAMER: I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.


hello, i’ve sent a friend request on discord. mind accepting so i can dm you?
(if you’re wondering, by the way, i’m not in the vrchat discord server because thousands of people in one server scares me. so i’ll have to friend you to dm you)

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Yeah, I may need your wisdom. Added you on discord

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OK, I’ll see you there.

To all who are thinking of choosing this man for the job… don’t think, just do it! He’s helped me constantly to ensure I get the best out of the avatar I wanted without complaints! Thank you very much @tiomegamanx for helping me out converting my favorite Spider-Man Suit to VRC! 10/10 Worth the price!

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Thank you to all people who have commissioned something from me, for some reason the main post was hidden but I am still working on the remaining jobs, not sure what was the problem, the post is pending moderation so I just hope the rest of the thread still remains.

@tiomegamanx did a great job at creating my avatar, and at a fair price for the detail in the finished product! Would absolutely recommend them!

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Added you on Discord. Hope to hear from you soon! :space_invader:

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Just got a commission finished by this guy.
Genuinely great work, will probably commission again in the future.

made me an alien lady with humongous hungolomghononoloughongous. cannot argue with such a perfect work of art, 10/10.

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