Builder in control panel not showing up

hey, this is my first time trying to upload an avatar to vrchat. I made sure I have the proper version of unity (2018.4.20f1) as well as sdk3 an an avatar pack that is using the 3.0 avatar software. I made some edits to the physique of my character in blendshapes as well as imported textures from surface painter with no issue. when I attempt to import, the console fills up with a “deformed avatar” msg and the builder just remains blank. im not sure what to do. help?

Hmm, since the GetWhitelistForSDK call is failing, I’m wondering if there might be some blacklisted script added to the avatar or something. Any errors besides that one?

cheers! I think it had to do with the way I imported my shaders into unity from substance painter or importing everything from dynamic bones. I dont do either anymore and it seems to not complain anymore haha. thank you though