Build & Test Error

Each time I try to test my world multiple errors keep pooping up

The file scene-StandaloneWindows64-SampleScene.vrcw keeps deleting itself and every time Vrchat does start an error says “You cannot travel to non-local worlds”

Might want to post the errors you’re getting. If they’re the red ! marks, then there may be some scripts or import problems that need to be fixed first. The sample scene probably deleted itself because it failed to build properly.

Also, make sure you’re on the right version of Unity and nothing higher:

Now I can’t Test the world for the errors because the VRChat SDK doesn’t show the option show control panel. I have reimported and reloaded the SDK multiple times but still doesn’t show an option for the control panel

Yeah, if the SDK panel isn’t showing, it’s likely some other scripts in the project breaking things becore the SDK scripts can load. Same solution - check for red ! marks in the console and resolve those out.

How to resolve them depends on the error, but one sure-fire way is to just delete the imported assets that are causing the error.