Build and Test error, help~


I faced a issue where I cant build and test my project.
any advise?

I tried looking up the first error and it’s not common. Seemed to be a bug with Unity. Suggestions like restart unity and see if it goes away, and also one mention of visual studio components needing to be installed.

Any idea on how you got here? Maybe an update to visual studio 2019?

I noticed some similar looking glitches that went away after I updated the SDK and U# versions in CC, I went back into the Unity project and did a forced reload of the SDK and forced recompile U#. All other Unity projects Unity 2021 and higher recommend VS 2022 so I’ve been using that for VRC and it’s all going well.

i tried restarting everything including my PC, but it stil doesnt work.
it started having issue once i tried adding the Mirror

how do I update the SDK and U# versions in CC?