Build and Publish upload menu not appearing?

Not sure what’s going on, just finished editing some textures on my avatar that I want to upload and when I click build and publish it goes through the process just fine all the way up until it gets to when the upload menu comes up. Instead of being able to add a name to the avatar and set it to public/private etc. then upload it just shows my avatar suspended in an empty scene.

Picture added below:

It’s supposed to show a menu in the game screen where you can fill all that out.

Try disabling any active cameras in the scene before trying to publish and see if that helps.

Below the bottom of the screenshot there is usually a status line. Best bet it to check the “console log” and see what it’s complaining about.

Last message will be about some random prefab file not found, and before that another useless message about the build process failing, so you’ll have to try to ignore those two and look for errors above.

Personally I’d make sure the unity engine is stopped (like in this screenshot just press play button), clear the console and then build again. Now the console can be read from the top, see what it’s complaining about.

Extra tip: Any error in scene, even not attached to avatar will break things. So personally I have each avatar in a scene, and never look in my assets folder unless you want to see hoarding

Apologies for the delay in reply but the console is completely empty when I run it, no errors are listed, let alone any text at all

Is the build and publish button now greyed out? It should otherwise do something when you press it.