Broken rig in new update [Fixed]

Hey guys, I have an avatar with a digitigrade rig, ever since the new update the bones in my legs seem to align to the world and don’t rotate with the rest of the model, I’ve re-uploaded it with updated unity and vrchat sdk but the problem persists, the rig type is listed as humanoid in the vrc avatar descriptor. anyone know what could be causing it and how to fix it?

It looks like your knee bend in your rig isn’t set in the right direction. Make sure your knees are slightly bent forward in your resting pose. Same for your elbows-- bend them slightly in the correct direction in your rest pose.

Check the docs for some graphical examples.

In AV2, you set these bends in the base rest rig pose.

In AV3, you can set these in the “IK Pose”.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I’m a bit too inexperienced with unity to make use of this info and experimenting by myself has not really gotten me closer to a solution, is there a more beginner friendly tutorial detailing this process available?

Here ya go:
Link with timestamp for the problem tupper’s describing.

Basically, the client is detecting which direction the arms or legs should bend based on the angle of the bones. Legs should be straight up/down with a very slight bend back at the knee in the direction you’d expect the knee to bend.

Thank you, this was very easy to follow, unfortunately, it did not work.

I did notice in blender though that I had the root bone in my armature as a bone on the ground and not the hip, deleting that seems to have created some new problems though.

got it! problem was the armature bone on the ground that was the root of the bone hierarchy. Model looked fine when I deleted it in blender but the unitypackage was using animations that referenced the deleted bone causing eldritch horrors, as seen above.

You need to bend the joints and set the new rest pose on your 3D modeling software (like Blender) and then reimport or redo the importing onto Unity (highly recommended) to make it work, I recommend you use the CATS blender plugin to clean up and optimize your model including the joints.

CATS, for some reason did not like my thigh bones and would continously delete them and jumble the rest of my leg bones around, it’s export function also caused the model to explode when imported into unity, blender’s export worked though.

In the end though, it seems the last update un broke everything so… There’s that