Broken quest avater

My avatar on quest is broken. I exported a model in blender with an applied solidify modifier with its shapekeys and when I uploaded the model on pc, it worked perfectly fine but when I uploaded the model on quest, The avatar looked like it was t posing. The hands didnt work but I can move it, none of my expressions didnt work, The locomotion did not work, And when I see the avatar preview, It showed it t posing can someone help? If you needs images I’ll gladly send them.

When you switch the build target to Quest in unity, it’ll re-import a couple of things to make it “ready” for quest. You might simply have to re-configure the bones in the quest version of the avatar. You can also use Gesture Manager to test things in unity itself before uploading GitHub - BlackStartx/VRC-Gesture-Manager: A tool that will help you preview and edit your VRChat avatar animation directly in Unity.

What do you mean by re configuring the bones? The bones look fine when I pressed configure. Also nothing worked in the gesture manager.