Broken fingies after unity T-pose or VRchat export

Currently I’m kit bashing a character in blender. The rigging works great in LIV, but when importing into unity and freezing T pose with the VRM SDK (or uploading to VRchat) the hands look like this:

[](http://image of the unity issue and how it looks in blender)

Is there a way (in unity after importing the FBX) to override the T pose as it is when it gets imported? It looks fine until exporting to Vrchat or T posing in unity.
Also, is there anyone who understands the root cause of this issue and how to avoid it?
Thanks in advance. Regards,

A lot of issues I’ve experienced like this are due to something breaking in Unity, either it refusing to delete some meta-data or not updating a cached file or something. Personally I find it’s usually caused by trying to update literally anything about the armature and then overwriting the model in unity with the new version. Usually I can fix it in one of these ways:

  • In your unity project folder (via Windows) delete the model.fbx.meta file. Then, in Unity, right click on your mesh and select “Reimport”.
  • Slightly edit the armature of the model in blender (literally just move the offending bone(s) 0.001 in any direction), save, and export your model again into a completely new file (do not overwrite an existing file) and try importing that.
  • If those fail, make a completely fresh Unity project and import the new model there and see if it’s still broken. If not, import the VRCSDK and continue from there. If it is, then at least you know it’s probably an issue with Blender.
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Huge thanks for the response. I’ll be trying this first thing in the morning!

Alrighty just as a follow up, after following your directions it seemed I had to go back into Blender and have a look at the armature. I simply deleted the bones from the affected thumbs, created new ones and renamed them as the original bones, and a few hours of tweaking some things it seems I have functioning hands now.
I really appreciate the reply. It helped me narrow down my options. Have a deadly day!

Glad it helped! Armatures can be a bit finicky at times and the stupidest things that sound like they should have no effect can fix it all. :smile: