Bringing avatar back into unity after blender

I am currently trying to customize my favorite VRC avatar. I brought it to blender and am ready for adding new clothes, but im confused on what to do after I bring it back to unity.
I dont know if this makes much sense, but once I bring it back how do I make sure it has all of its previous toggles and options? the tutorial I’m following doesnt really cover that.
If you know of any videos covering this topic, please let me know, i am finding it extremely hard to find videos on creating VRC models…

As long as you didn’t change the names of anything or changed where they are in the hierarchy, all animations should work the same :3

so do I just replace the older model with the edited model?

Yep, you will have to add the materials back on and fix the rig for the edited model and most likely add any components you may need, but that’s all you should have to do :3 none of the animations should be affected :3

you’re awesome! thank you so much!!

You’re welcome :3