Blendshapes Destroy Mesh in Unity View

Hi everyone!

I’m fairly new to Avatar development. For some reason, on some of my blend shapes, when I attempt to view them, it causes my mesh to destroy into pieces. This only happens to some of my characters, even though the blendshapes play out just fine in Blender and within VRChat itself. Here’s a screenshot:

Has anyone seen this before?

Sounds like a Legacy Blend Shapes problem. You’ll want that checked in the Model import settings.

I appreciate the response, but unfortunately, that didn’t help. The issue still occurs with that setting changed.

When I look at the blendshape for all the ones that are having the issue, they’re being displayed differently, almost as if Unity is picking it up as a special type of blend shape that can go beyond 100%.

Not sure if that helps? You can see that the problematic blendshapes do not have a slider and any value can be input into it, even beyond 100%. .

Yeah, that’s a weird one. Never seen them do that before. Might try checking to make sure they’re all set to 0 in blender and check export settings, maybe? If you’re using CATS, try using the Export button there since I think it auto-selects the suggested settings.

This happened to me when I edited a Mesh of a Model in Blender while I had one of my blendshapes selected.
If you do any changes on your Model/Mesh, always be sure you have selected the Basis-Blendshape while editing (adding/removing faces), otherwise you’re breaking your model!

(this may only happen with Blender < 2.79, didn’t happen on Blender 2.83 for me yet)